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Holographic Thought

Linear thought is a 2-dimensional imposed system of thought that confines the thinker to one plane. This self-limiting system of thought arose out of the Dark Ages disguised as “enlightenment” and “renaissance” only to be revealed as an easily manipulated mechanism of control.

The brain is a pattern recognition device, not a file cabinet with papers full of words. It does not natively operate in a linear, 2-dimensional way. Its firmware has been downgraded over the centuries.

The brain stores information spatially with neural connections made from all planes and angles. Associations are formed that spawn new understandings when the brain matches an aspect of one pattern with another. These associations are exponentially linked and together they represent our portal to this reality.

To throw out the thought constructs that have been imposed on man for generations and express ones true self by unleashing the holographic mind is the ultimate act of rebellion!

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